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We are a manufacturer of high quality designer and self- adhesive TEXTILE PAPER .


Years of experience have allowed us to develop all kinds of solutions and technology. All our products are designed in our Castellón headquarters.

We are experts and specialists in the manufacture of Self-Adhesive Textile Paper and we have achieved this position thanks to the knowledge, skills and many years of experience. The combination of these elements allows us to offer customers the best products and carry out personalized projects.

We are constantly looking for the best technical solutions.


We have our own design department, which seeks innovation with enthusiasm and commitment, so we can introduce you to new and more advanced products every year.

100% Polyester textile paper, 100% decorative, 100% self-adhesive to which a series of 100% ecological inks are applied with the most advanced digital technology, making it ideal for application on any surface and making the product completely washable. 100 % customizable both in terms of the client's range and in terms of a special design for a client.

• It has a good elasticity, it is quite resistant, it does not wrinkle easily. Perfect for attaching to the wall, it conceals surfaces and defects so it can be placed on any surface The material can be applied to walls with gotelé.

• Light, durable and resistant. The material is fire retardant, does not burn, the material melts

• It holds moisture very well, dries quickly, therefore it does not affect fungi, mold and bacteria and prevents bad odors. The material is waterproof

• Withstands the application of chemical dyes well, greater efficiency in the absorption of inks, is resistant to abrasion and discoloration. The material is easily cleaned.

100% self-adhesive, against traditional papers, without glues, It is very easy to put on / stick / remove in 20 min per operation, without residues without tools. The glue, although firm, allows positioning and repositioning the paper as many times as we want, as well as allowing it to be removed from a piece, leaving the wall clean.

By having a straight assembly, the entire roll is used vs. traditional wallpaper, which according to design loses up to 20% of the product.

100% decorative paper , the latest generation digital technology by which 100% ecological acrylic inks are applied to the textile, this acrylic bath makes the product 100% washable

100% customizable product at customer brand creation level.


Organic product

1. The inks are 100% ecological

2. Does not use added chemicals such as glue.

3. There is no waste in assembly or disassembly

4. Washes without abrasives.

Economic benefits

1. Innovative product, we are the first / leader in self-adhesive decorative textile , you do not use glues, nor do you have to be careful with the surrounding furniture and cover them, in less than an hour you can have your wall decorated and give it that personal touch.

2 . The product can be customized.

3. You save time and labor, you can put it on yourself more easily than traditional papers

4. You save time and labor if you want to change the decoration since you only have to peel it off, you do not damage the wall, you do not have waste, child

5. In the placement you save up to 20% of the product since it is placed straight and has no waste due to designs such as traditional papers

We treat our clients as we ourselves would like to be treated.

The renewal of the PROJECT must become an experience and that is why we try to make communication with us fluid. We care about the comfort of our clients at each stage of the purchase and installation of paper.

We promote family values, we respect people and we encourage creative effort.

We have the best possible team.

We are proud to promote products worldwide.





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