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HARMONY is the firm of coatings and pavements that makes the difference oriented to Vanguard Interior Design that belongs to the INDUSTRIAL GROUP PERONDA .

Harmony is a new way of understanding spaces, always at the forefront of design, we offer solutions that provide a new vision about the product.

Our cladding and flooring collections are committed to difference. Based on design, innovation and quality, we offer new solutions to give personality to all kinds of projects.

At Harmony we believe in design, that's why we work with studios around the world developing unique products. Studies that believe in the value of innovation, research and the vanguard as much as we do. Raw Color, Onset, Jin Kuramoto, Yonoh, Mut or Dsignio sign exclusive collections that reinvent the traditional concept of the flooring or cladding.

Mosaics, ceramic pieces, designs in marble, resin, or glass, exclusive designs thought to inspire spaces with personality.





Since 1827 we have been manufacturing ceramic floor and wall tiles with the aim of offering a genuine product to our customers. Our heritage has allowed us to grow and evolve in the Spanish ceramic industry, reaching clients from more than 100 countries. Experience is for us the strong foundation of quality and responsibility on which the Peronda brand has grown, a source of both recognition and learning that we are proud of.



In order to always be able to offer the first-rate products of the highest quality and design to the market, Peronda has understood innovation and investment in technology as part of its DNA. Always at the forefront of the latest research and techniques, our products are characterized by always providing detail beyond conventionality. In the GROUP   Peronda works every day investigating and applying new techniques that allow us to offer a differentiated product of the highest quality to our clients.



It is to transmit our passion for ceramics to our customers, through unique products, which provide the habitat with safety values ​​for its quality and differentiation for its development. Versatile products, and excellent in design that remain durable over time, both for its style and for its wealth of details.

HARMONY ®   | A Brand Of PERONDA Group

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