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WE ARE VITACER ®   is the brand manufacturer and specialized trading in wall and floor coverings sector architecture and interior belonging to the GRUPO INDUSTRIAL SERVIPLANA, a team of more than 900 people and an annual production of more than 60 million m2 is 2 producer in the Ranking of the largest manufacturers in Europe and 11 in the World, a company that is convinced to develop a powerful portfolio of cutting-edge products in permanent growth, combined with unmatched quality and service.

To achieve this, we invest heavily in technology, look for new, more ingenious and productive ways of working, and expand to different markets around the world.

Consistent with the philosophy of introducing innovative products and systems of high quality, we are pioneers in the commercialization of 20MM thick ceramic outdoor flooring , with a high degree of anti-slip and resistance to bending and breaking load, and Smooth & Grip , a porcelain stoneware with a soft touch, but with high anti-slip performance.
Vitacer, from its headquarters in Vila-real, Castellón, manufactures and distributes different types of porcelain stoneware and white body wall tiles, in different formats and finishes. Thanks to a quality service and a wide portfolio of products, we can position our brand as a young reference in the ceramic sector worldwide.

Offer ceramic products of high technical and aesthetic value to our customers, generating lasting synergies over time. Our clients is our greatest achievement, which is why we base our day-to-day life on trust and innovation.

To be the world leader in the manufacture and supply of the most innovative ceramic proposals and their construction systems, which allow our clients to generate sustainable, safe, beautiful and welcoming spaces.



VITACER ®   | CERAMICS Solutions

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